The brioches

Plain round or oval-shaped mini brioches with topping

To differentiate the recipes on a platter, why not add a topping to our brioches?

Poppy seeds, sesame seeds or polenta – our standard three recipes can be used to create a broad range of toppings.

On request and subject to availability, we can also personalise our brioches with a topping of your choice: flaxseed, millet or black sesame seeds for example.

Standard characteristics :

Weight : 10 grs or 25 grs

Plain round diameter  : 40 or 60 mm    Oval-shaped length : 70 or 85 mm

Plain round and oval-shaped 10g : 100 items per carton

Plain round and oval-shaped 25g : 60 items per carton


Préparation :

Thaw for 20 minutes at room temperature